Here we are then.

Nice to meet you.

I suppose I should offer you a drink or something. Would you like sit down?

I should confess straight away that this feels terribly self-indulgent.

Well, I’ll start off with an introductory mission statement, so we all know where we stand:

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this year, what with the¬†crumbling of my four year marriage and the subsequent resignation from my newly promoted job and the removal of myself and all my belongings from the city where I’ve been living for the past six years. This sort of upheaval does rather provoke a lot of thinking.

So far, the thinking has lead me to move into my mother’s idyllic riverside cottage, largely on the premise that I need some time and space to do some more thinking. Or, at least, some thinking without the distraction of work.

‘Time to heal’, as one of my ex-colleagues put it.

Time to write and paint and read and run and generally get a grip on life. To wrest control of my existence.

Anyway. The plan:

1. Launch assault on greetings card industry with my Little People cards (pictures to follow when I’ve deciphered that section of the WordPress website).

2. Finish writing ludicrously ambitious TV script that I am currently churning out. (And stop day dreaming about BAFTA wins, for this, surely, will curse any prospect of success..)

3. Find Proper Job with Good Income until said greetings cards and TV scripts come to fruitition.

4. Bake my way through the coming months and report on the delicious discoveries I make along the way (the sticky orange and almond honey cake I invented on Friday night should be mentioned here). For what is life without cake?

If you would care to join me on¬†this voyage of recovery and creative, culinary experimentation, step this way….